Below are pdf copies of VISTA that were published prior to 2010.

This collection is an ongoing project and will take a few months to compile.

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VISTA has been published since 1969 which SHETA was first formed.  We hope you enjoy reading a bit about our past accomplishments.

VISTA Spring 1990

VISTA Winter 1993

VISTA Winter 1996

VISTA Summer 1997

VISTA Summer 1998                         VISTA Winter 1998

VISTA Spring 1999                             VISTA Winter 1999

VISTA Spring 2001

VISTA Spring 2002                            VISTA Winter 2002

VISTA Spring 2003                            VISTA Winter 2003

VISTA Spring 2004                            VISTA Winter 2004

VISTA Fall 2005                                 VISTA Winter 2005

VISTA Fall 2006                                 VISTA Winter 2006

VISTA Spring 2007

VISTA Summer 2008                        VISTA Fall 2008

VISTA Winter 2008

VISTA Spring 2009                            VISTA Winter 2009