Please note that this page is under regular construction.  Some website links may be considered controversial but as educators it is our role to look at both side of the argument and to teach our students how to become discerning citizens.  It is our hope that this collection of links provides resources for healthy discussion within the classroom.

Canadian Home Economics Federation (CHEF) –The mission of the Canadian Home Economics Foundation is to provide improved quality
of life to families and individuals in Canada by providing financial assistance to home economists in carrying out home economics research, developing educational tools, and in conducting public service projects, and to support post-secondary education related to the home economics profession

Alberta Human Ecology and Home Economics Association (AHEA) – is a self-regulated professional organization whose members are dedicated to improving the quality of life of families and individuals by helping them make the best of their resources.

Ontario Home Economics Association (OHEA) – The Ontario Home Economics Association, a self-regulating body of professional Home Economists, promotes high professional standards among its members so that they may assist families and individuals to achieve and maintain a desirable quality of life.

Ontario Family Studies and Home Economics Educators Association (OFSHEEA) – With the ultimate goal of strengthening the family, the role of OFSHEEA is to facilitate the professional development and personal growth of educators to promote quality Family Studies programs in Ontario.

Teachers of Home Economics Specialists Association (THESA) – is a provincial specialist association of the British Columbia Teachers Federation.

Manitoba Home Economics Teachers’ Association (MHETA) – is a special area group of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.

Family Consumer Science.Com – FCS is taught in public schools across the United States and comprises of interiors & housing, child development & parenting, consumerism & home economics decisions, fashion design & clothing and foods & nutrition.

Home Economics News – a website that is updated by MediaPlanet,  This campaign provides insight for Canadians on how they can increase their overall quality of life. Home Economics explores recent developments in the industry and outlines what Canadians can expect in the future of the home economics industry. Furthermore, Canadians will understand the strategies they can take to improve their health, safety, eating habits, and comfort within their home. Nutrition, healthy eating, family relationships, and empowering youth are just a few of the topics that this campaign explores.  One of the contributing writers, Mary Carver is a Professional Home Economist in Ontario.

Information and Associations

Apprenticeship: Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship: Participating in this program will benefit students by having their registration fee and first years tuition waived. Also students are able gain up to 300 hours of apprenticeship time by completing the career exploration activities contained with in the passport.

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum

Saskatchewan Teachers of Applied Technologies

Association of Career and Technical Education

International Technology Education Association

Journal of Vocational & Technical Education

Manitoba Technology Teachers Association

 Middle School Resources

RPSD Middle Level PAA Site

National Middle Schools Association

Middle Level PAA Project: RBE: Lost in Time and Winter Survival Integrated Curriculums

Advance School Equipment: Integrated Project Kits (Supplier)

Spectrum School Supplies: Integrated Project Kits and Robotics (Supplier)

Vernier: Science Based Intgrated Project Kits (Supplier)

International Technology Education Association Member Product Directory

Discovery Education

Agriculture in the Classroom (Saskatchewan)

igo site: Lesson plans, resources and kit descriptions

Measurement Convertor

Saskatchewan Home Economics Teachers Association: Resources, teaching Ideas and links.

All Recipes

Epicurious: Gourmet Recipes

Canadian Living: a great source of recipes, craft ideas, and anything Canadian.

Canadian Association for Food Studies

Canada Food Guide

Food Safe: Resources

Association of Saskatchewan Home Economists: Comprehensive site

Kids Comprehensive site with great information and activities

Canadian Food inspection Agency: Food Handling (Fr)

Staying Alive: Kitchen Safety/Games and Activities

Kraft Canada: Kithchen Safety, Recipes, Ideas

Health Canada: Food Safety and Nutrition (Fr)

Maple Leaf Foods: Virtual Kitchen

Safe Work Australlia:Virtual Kitchen Resource

Kids Cooking Activities: Lesson Plans, Ideas, Nutrition, ect. (Comprehensive Site)

Dieticians of Canada: Your Health (Fr)

Mission Nutrition: Interactive Nutrition Activities, lesson plans and resources (Fr)

Dieticians Of Canada: Eatracker and interactive games focused on nutrition (Fr)

Agriculture in the Classroom: Kid friendly activities (Fr)

Saskatchewan Local Foods

Virtual Farm Tours: Great resource to introduce students to how our food is produced.

Beef Information Centre

Saskatchewan Food Centre – a non-profit organization offering full service assistance to food processors wanting to add value to their products for domestic and international markets. Source free posters, pamphlets, worksheets and experiments.

Egg Farmers of Canada: Activities, recipes and nutrition

Dairy Farmers of Canada: Health and recipes.

Vegetarian Society: Vegetarian recipes.

Learning Zone: Resources and DVD’s related to health, nutrition, safety and life skills

Money Cooking with recipes, lesson plans, work sheets, home finances.

Regina Home Economic for Living Project: Basic life skills, print resources available.

 Sugar Stacks

Sewing Resources

Apparel Search Fashion Directory – is the largest online guide to the fashion industry

American Apparel & Footwear Association

SaskNetWork – Industry Profile – Apparel and Textile

Innovation in Textiles



Business & Human Rights Resource Centre – Clothing and Textile : Hand sewing videos

Classy Threads: Project ideas and supplies

Laundry Symbols Sewing projects, kits and ideas. Teaching sewing resources

SewNews – lots of great small project ideas for the classroom along with fashion sewing ideas and fittings insructions

Sew It all Magazine – sewing made simple

Sewing Ideas Sewing ideas and projects.

Textiles Human Resource Council: Information about the Canadian Textile Industry

Threads Magazine: Fashion and sewing ideas

Canada Competition Bureau – Guide to the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations

Canada Textile Labelling – Glossary

Canada Textile Labelling Act

Canada Textiles Regulations and Standards


Butterick Patterns

Vogue Patterns

McCall’s Patterns

Kwik Sew Patterns

Burda Patterns

Simplicity Patterns

New Look Patterns

Life Transitions (LTR)

Practical Money Skills for Life – financial literacy for everyone, online lessons that match LTR curriculum.

Pregnancy and Parenting Lesson Plans